Where are orders shipped from?
All orders are shipped from San Francisco USA unless indicated.

What payment methods do you accept?
We use PayPal and all credit cards and debit cards accepted by PayPal.

Does Web Pop Shop sell only its own products?
We sell both our own unique products and serve as a sales channel for other companies and their products. We carefully select and screen all the products we sell and all the companies we work with. We refer to the select companies we work with as our “Channel Partners”. We try our best to give our customers the best products, price and service.

Who are the people behind Web Pop Shop?
Web Pop Shop is a “lean start up” in San Francisco USA. The Owner and Janitor is Brian Webster DBA (doing business as) Web Pop Shop. Tom Ray is the Web & Operations Manager. We use the best basic tech and the best basic systems. Behind it all are people who like serving people.

What is your plan and direction?
We are associated with Better World Associates. Our current plan is to become a Social Business LLC and grow as large as possible by doing an excellent job of acquiring and serving customers.

Web Pop Shop
240 Golden Gate Avenue - Suite 103
San Francisco, California 94102