Web Pop Shop uses innovative products and ideas as a vehicle to generate revenue, employment and resources for building a better world.

Basically we provide good stuff and good deals to good people – and we love our work.

We use positive Pop Culture and Web Technology to excel at serving our customers and having fun.

We have two general product lines:
1) Select cool stuff, innovative tools and products for happy customers.
2) Positive campaign merchandise for popular, progressive causes.

Our team has extensive experience with ecommerce and business as well as peace, social justice and environmental organizing.

We believe in using our business skills and resources to build a better world. We are dedicated to achieving global Sustainable Development Goals.

We love micro-enterprise, small business, big business, green business, social business, fair trade and organized labor.

Our motto is: Save the Earth - so we’ll have a place to boogie!

Web Pop Shop
240 Golden Gate Avenue - Suite 103
San Francisco, California 94102